Christie Digital CDXL-21SUP Digital Xenon Lamp 2,000 Watt for CP2308

Christie Digital, Inc.

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CDXL-21SUP (003-006734-01)
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Product Overview

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Christie CDXL-21SUP Xenon lamp for CP2308


Estimated average expected life

  • 1,800 hrs (Champion PLUS warranty)

Maximum lumen output

  • 9,000 lumens (CP2308)

Projector air extraction requirement

  • 450 CFM

Rated input power

  • 2100W

Rated current

  • 83.5A

Rated voltage

  • ~25V

Operating power range

  • 1,610W - 2,100W


  • ±5°

Basal surface temperature

  • 200°C (392°F) max.

Chamption Warranty

  • 100% warranty to 1,500 hrs

Cold arc gap

  • 3.4mm

Lamp length (L1)

  • 245mm

Lamp length (L2)

  • 245mm

LCL (L3)

  • 120.5mm

Bulb diameter

  • ø 42mm

Base diameter

  • ø 30mm

Cathode pin diameter

  • ø M10 x 1.5mm

Anode pin diameter

  • 14mm X 135mm cable / 14-6 terminal

Forced air cooling

  • 10-13 m/s

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(No reviews yet) Write a Review